Remembering Bob Stone

August 10, 2006

Bob’s death after a brief battle with cancer

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Bob died surrounded by his wife Edie, daughter Becky and daughter Barb — all three of whom had been with him off and on in shifts, 24 hours a day, for the last week or so of his life, along with his son Dave and Edie’s sister Barb. They slept in the same room with him (and for a time his wonderful roommate Andrew) at Scarborough Centenary Hospital, where the nursing staff took great care of him and made sure he was not in any pain despite the cancer that eventually took his life.

It was a little over two weeks from diagnosis to Bob’s death on July 14th, which is not a long time to get used to such horrible news, let alone get used to someone passing away. Bob took the news with his usual good humour, and decided to fight the cancer with chemotherapy — but after one treatment he was so weak that he had to be admitted to hospital. He took that with good humour too, and Becky and the two Barbs and Dave and Edie all spent many wonderful hours with him, talking about whatever he wanted to talk about — like how the kids used to sit waiting for him on a big rock at the top of the road in Muskoka when he was coming up from working in Toronto.

Bob spent his time in the hospital joking and laughing with his family, with his roommate, with the nurses and with just about anyone who came by his room. As his condition worsened, he told Edie he was ready to go, and she was with him to the end to send him on his way.


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