Remembering Bob Stone

August 10, 2006

Jack’s memories of his big brother

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He was just under eight years older. He was a natural teacher — he knew that if it was fun that you would learn. That carried right through to when he taught the kids Power Squadron. He was my Baloo in cubs. He was always fun to do things with. He loved to hike — he would even take me on outings with his girlfriends, hiking along Niagara Glen. He took me to visit a girlfriend in Simcoe area, and we hitchhiked (he taught me how to hitchhike). He taught me how to play poker. He read the comics with me every week, so he effectively taught me how to read. I remember making spaghetti with him when our mum and dad were out, and we would go through the spice rack and pick out different ones that we thought would make a good meal — it was always a learning experience.

He taught in Sunday school. He had lots of girlfriends — he had a charm, very affable, and he could really chat up the ladies. It served him very well when he became a sales rep.He was inclined to be an engineer — but he liked to build more than to take apart. He built balsawood and paper airplanes from World War Two, like the British Spitfire that hung from the ceiling of our bedroom which we shared. I looked up to him a lot — immensely. He played football in high school (quarterback), and was in the theatre too. At McMaster he was in the chorus of Mikado, the Gilbert & Sullivan operetta. He coached hockey for years too, Dave included.


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